SOAR Affiliate Membership Application


Select an Affiliate membership that is right for you then fill in the required and requested information. This is a two page application. After you have filled in the basic information and passed the check, you will be taken to the rest of the application. Note, if you select a business/branch membership, a name and email are required for every associate even though the form does not enforce this. please make sure you enter this information. After you have filled everything in, please pay for your membership using the button at the bottom of the last page. 

Select An Option

The Business/Branch affiliate membership is designed for larger companies who have a number of staff members they would like to have interact in a meaningful way with association members. The membership is $250 annually and includes 1-3 staff associate all with full affiliate membership privileges. 

The Individual affiliate membership is designed for sole proprietors or those independent of a larger company who are uniquely positioned to interact directly and individually with association members. The membership is $125 annually and includes 1 affiliate members with full affiliate membership privileges. The individual affiliate membership replaces our previous general affiliate membership

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